Dawson’s Creek Moment

I received a $3900 check in the mail today.  Sure enough, addressed to Lulu Liu, 527 Lincoln St, Santa Cruz, CA.  For a few tense moments it was just me and the check.  I stared at it.  Flipped it over in my hands, read and re-read the inscriptions on it, looking for some glimmer of recognition in the wording, the names, any indication that it was a mistake, or wasn’t.

Then I remembered.  I am receiving a check for the first 2 weeks of my services as a house cleaner.  Apparently, I am an expensive house cleaner.

Not that expensive.  Turns out most of the money is for decorating.  Prepping the house for their arrival: mom, dad, and baby-to-be.  Buying tasteful and expensive artworks, antiques, foodstuffs for the first week.  I love my job.  It has not even started yet, and I’m going on a trip to see my parents in Mexico starting Wednesday ending Sunday.  If I still have the job upon my return, I am going to go all out.  I will be the most passionate house cleaner they have ever seen.

Dan Riaz came to visit today.  The new associate brand manager of Ubisoft games.  He gave me a pitch about his new products, I said I’d have to think about it.  Then we biked around Santa Cruz, me on my sexy newly constructed sleek road-mountain-bike hybrid, him on my old clunker that weighs 1000 lbs.  “I feel like a little kid again!” he said, offending pretty much every hippie within earshot.  We went to 2-3 beaches,  I showed him my new place starting September, which I just went to see (and promptly commited to) yesterday.  We passed by a guy on a bike in a biohazard mask, and wondered if we should be more concerned.  A single piece of ash fell into my eyes as we were biking through downtown.

Among the more valuable lessons of the day was how to properly make an important decision in life.  Let’s use me as an example.  I am trying to answer the question of, “Should I go to Thailand to teach or stay in Santa Cruz and veg out for the next year or two?”  Dan says it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of decision in a secluded spot by a large body of water.  I would pick, for instance, the Pacific Ocean.  Important stipulation: you must be alone!  Optional but helpful: looking wistfully into the distance, skipping rocks, optimizing for the time of day (evening right around sunset is best, obviously).  This is what is known as having a Dawson’s Creek Moment.  It’s so effective I hear President Obama uses it almost every day.

I have pictures.  But I have no way to upload them.  My computer will hopefully return before I leave for my trip.  The film rolls will take 10 days to come back in the form of slides.  But they will be very beautiful.

I promise.

Went up Route 1 today.  Was very impressed by the extent of the fire and the sheer number of water-carrying helicopters.

Down in the city, sirens heard day and night.  Their efforts have not gone unappreciated.


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