The Time Traveler’s Bike

I am unabashedly attached to a growing list of material possessions.

My books, for one.

Have gone with me from New Haven, to MIT, to New Mexico, then back to Boston, and now sit rather tattered and travel-worn in a single row in my subletted room. California. Primarily functioning as a step stool for my cat to get up to the window.

Something else I’ve had forever. My blanket, and that really is forever. It was big enough to swim in when I was 1, but now it hardly covers my legs. Mostly, I stick my feet in it when I need to feel something soft. And my cat’s not available.

Of course, there’s also my camera equipment… and since June, my diploma. A bunch of other sentimental items which remind me of past homes, relationships, etc… because that’s just the way I am.

A most recent proud addition, though: bike I built from used parts at the Bike Church on Spruce. Mountain bike frame, slick tires, 3-speed internal hub. Bicycles aren’t such complicated machines.

I took it home on Thursday after 2 weeks straight of work. Now it’s all mine.


2 thoughts on “The Time Traveler’s Bike

  1. yotinthepot says:

    holy shit
    what the hell is that website?
    did you enlist a cult to help you fix up your bike?

    good work, looks great.
    the hub on mine gave up so i clipped it and now it’s a
    one speed bike

    i have no idea how we become friends on wordpress, re: your quest…

    also my theme has too much green..

  2. Lulu Liu says:

    i think sheldon brown may be dead but his website is very helpful for understanding how bikes work

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