A new obsession: nightly crosswords

John has a subscription to the New York Times online.

Tonight we finished the Sunday crossword for the first time. In >99 minutes.


One thought on “A new obsession: nightly crosswords

  1. Sean Thompson says:

    backstory-I have read every blog you have posted since your freshman year at MIT. I’m not a stalker cause I have read them (re-read a few) all in give or take 3 days. I read your posts after a days work at a Coast Guard Base in Portland ME (I am a reservist Marince Science Technician…but who cares). I starting reading your blogs after I started picking my classes for junior year at Umass Boston. After picking four classes I had become satisfied with, I had a curiosity to check out mit.edu to see another part of the college spectrum. I came across student blogs, read through all blogger bios and found myself genuinely laughing at what you wrote. So I started off right from the beginning of yours. I was captivated, not by your pictures (even though they were interestng), not by ‘big words/big research’…but by the tone and relations a drew from my college experiences so far. I too barely go to lectures and end up falling asleep around 5 am because of either loads of homework/labs or by watching great/terrible movies ex. Leprechaun 5, Hypercube, Rush Hour, Jurrasic Park etc., with my roommate (best friend). I feel almost a new word when reading your blogs. I can only define that word as present nostalgia.

    Being real-I am a fan of your writing, relate to experiences you have undergone and enjoy the photos.

    Keep writing,
    Sean Thompson

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