I’m spending this summer at the Sacramento Bee as a science reporting intern. Today was Day 1 in the news room.

What this means:

  • I now live in Davis, CA.
  • Stanford project coming to a close.
  • AAAS Fellowship SCORED.
  • Another identity to my growing list of identities.

Soon, when you google my name, you won’t find the contents of my MIT public directory or references to my admissions blog. You’ll find awesome (local) reporting, and maybe a publication or two on galaxy clustering. This is a good thing.


3 thoughts on “newBEE

  1. anthony says:

    nice! see, you’re actually putting your talent to use. unlike me.

  2. DiMi says:

    I’ll enjoy reading your writings just as I enjoyed reading your MIT blog 🙂 For those who want a quick link to Lulu’s writings:“lulu+liu”

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