Reading Kafka on the Shore

It takes me a while to gather my thoughts. “I think what Kafka does is give a purely mechanical explanation of that complex machine in the story, as sort of a substitute for explaining the situation we’re in. What I mean is…” I have to give it some more thought. “What I mean is, that’s his own device for explaining the kind of lives we lead. Not by talking about our situation, but by talking about the details of the machine.”

…But what I really wanted to say didn’t get across. I wasn’t just giving some general theory of Kafka’s fiction, I was talking about something very real. Kafka’s complex, mysterious execution device wasn’t some metaphor or allegory– it’s actually here, all around me. But I don’t think anybody would get that. Not Oshima. Not anybody.


7 thoughts on “Reading Kafka on the Shore

  1. wrm says:

    Murakami is great! Kafka on the Shore was amazing, I should read that again.

  2. Edward says:

    You would probably do some good for me anyway if you posted an entry about books you’ve read worth mentioning or are reading. Maybe top twenty? I bet I’ll probably buy some of them from Amazon.

  3. Lulu Liu says:

    I’m reading Murakami and The Waves by Virginia Woolf right now

    The waves is actually an audio cd — shh 😉

    I hear it’s hard to get through so maybe I’m lucky I got the recorded reading. It’s breathtaking stuff man, I’d definitely give that a shot if I were you.

  4. Edward says:

    I think you’re right. I didn’t have a clue up until I copied and pasted the book title in Amazon. Thanks for the tip. Keep the posts coming. I enjoy reading them.

  5. Adding more books to my list…

    The Night Sky: Writings on the Poetics of Experience by Ann Lauterbach. Seriously dense with metaphors. I think I might actually buy this. 😛

  6. Lulu Liu says:

    I like the cover. Added to the shopping cart.

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