A plug for Pubget is a plug for me



3 thoughts on “A plug for Pubget is a plug for me

  1. Edward says:

    The New Horizons is estimated to arrive in close proximity to Pluto in 2015 and days before launch I can remember local news announced word of caution that this particular rocket used plutonium so its onsite launch view perimeter where camera people hang was expanded even further due to its exhaust. I was thinking this could get ugly more ugly than usual but fortunately the stars aligned nicely. This infrared picture of Jupiter is worth $650,000. It’s gorgeous.


    • Lulu Liu says:

      Oh yes I went asteroid hunting with a someone on the new horizon team. He showed me his hat and a picture of him standing next to the launch vehicle.

      But I’m confused, how does one figure how much a picture of Jupiter is worth?

      • Edward says:

        It was an expression that’s all. I was being ostentatious. If the mission were more in the realm of billions then I would have stated the same expression and correspondingly change the value.

        Maybe someday someone will offer me to pay millions of dollars for a picture. I would say “you’re out of this world” and maybe ensue with “you must live in Jupiter.” 🙂

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