Poem Update

To open the airway,
two hands.
Brings forward the chin,
tilts back the head
so that breath enters
the lungs freely.

Colorado: finally
the space to breathe
but not the air.

Light breaks
over borrowed things.
A bottle, a key,
shoes, sandy,
are yellow-lit,
like memory.

Outside, night fell thickly:
a creased sheet
hung from the mountain peaks,
it’s heaviest on this street-
and the stars look almost
low enough to touch.

Earlier, racing
the sun down
the mountainside,
far from ourselves and
farther from any ocean
we ran.

And as each foot left the ground
we said:
so we are unlike the evergreens.
so we are unlike the sand.

There was only
a noiseless
flash of light
in the warm, March night,
as we re-entered
the atmosphere.

Tomorrow, we will wake
in a bed of flowers-
limbs spread and
mouths gasping.

But look, now,
there, the sky
is a deep purple.

Look, how the mountains
cradle the city,
so live, so small
and flickering.



2 thoughts on “Poem Update

  1. weirduh says:

    you lost me at the creased sheets… Care to shed sme light?…i’d appreciate it…

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