Windmill Day

I can see pretty far on a clear day from my apartment on the third floor facing north and northeast of town.   Three stories is as tall as houses get around these parts so it’s a view that just skims the rooftops.  In the summer I saw my neighbors garden in their backyard, their straw hats bobbing among the thick greens.  In the fall once on my fire escape I watched as three points of light circled the Boston skyline: silent, eerie, like something not from this world, and I, too, had the sudden feeling that I was only passing through.  In winter I watched as it snowed from a single cloud in the sky on an otherwise clear blue day.

Among the things I see from my apartment is a windmill.  It’s in the top picture: that white thing in the distance, under the power lines, over the highway.  I read some about windmills then.  How a single windmill can generate enough power for a thousand homes.  I decided I like windmills.  They are colossal and useful and this one tells me if it’s a windy day and reminds me of better times.

Today around dusk I decided it was time to visit this windmill.  I took my bike and started in that direction.  I didn’t pay too much attention to where I was turning and such, when I would go over a hill, I would see it again and then I would take the street that most nearly headed in its direction.  I imagined myself standing under this windmill and looking up at its giant arms turning.  I imagined it’d be in the center of some big green field.

The ride took me to the industrial part of town.  And then it dead-ended at the bus depot.  Just over the bridge, where bikes were not allowed, over a shallow river, behind a chain-linked fence, was the windmill.  Next to it was a crane hauling something around maybe building up some new structure.   So this was as close as I could get today.

I gotta get a car.


3 thoughts on “Windmill Day

  1. bruno says:

    Hey Lulu… it’s kind of funny to read your blog again… I don’t know how I end up reading your posts at mit… but I remember I enjoyed the way you see things around you… I could fell a curious bright eye looking at the world … It remids me good times at North Carolina. Now, some years latter, back to Brazil, many things have changed…. but reading your post tonight made me see that you keep the same warm morning-blue feeling …. that’s nice…. looking trough my window here… it really does give some renewed air to believe in the world.

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