Last summer I started a series of Photoshop tutorials where I reproduced Instagram filter effects in Adobe Photoshop. The idea being that if you want to master the suite of most important tools in Photoshop, completing the exercises here is enough to do that. At some point I ran out of steam. Or used Instagram less. Or took a break from photography. Or something. But I’m back!

Today: Valencia. Honestly, I only use about 1/3 of all the Instagram filters, and this is probably my favorite. I don’t like the ones that add texture, or try to do too much: contrast, levels, saturation, so. I like this filter, it’s soft, subtle, bright.

Here’s the picture, it’s my jasmine plant and it just started blooming like crazy:

iphone summer 2013 266 (2)

Here’s the Instagram version:

iphone summer 2013 265

Here are the layers I used:



And here’s my version:

iphone summer 2013 266


Yea, the crop is different. I went away from the square crop. And my picture is slightly less yellow in the highlights. Nothing too fancy here. Slight contrast enhancement, a bit of desaturation, a screening layer, once again, purple, but a bit more reddish purple this time. Set the shadows toward magenta, midtones green and blue, and highlights toward yellow. Added a yellow photo filter for the highlights. And a vignette just for the hell of it.

Cool. By the way, I started doing some commissioned work for the Graduate School at Harvard.


4 thoughts on “Valencia

  1. DV says:

    Very cool! I think your version of the filter is also easier on the blacks, though it might just be my monitor.

  2. Your Fans. says:

    We miss you. What have you been up to?

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